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Lakeview Estates Board of Directors
Lakeview Estates Board meets on the Second Monday of each month at 10:00 am in the GlenLakes Golf Clubhouse in their back room.

Dayton, D

Morgan, Ron

Bacher, Ann

Menk, Kathy

Dick Dayton

Ron Morgan

Ann Bacher

Kathy Menk

9515 Lakeview Dr,

9419 Clubhouse Dr.

9250 Clubhouse Dr.

9010 Fairway Dr.

Phone:  330-612-4153

Phone:  955-1204

Phone:  955-1481

Phone:  971-6509





ARC Chairman (acting)
Please mail your annual dues to the address below.  The amount due for 2015/2016 is $103.  It is due on May 1st and after May 31st there will be a $10 per month late charge.  Make check payable to :
Mailing address:
 Lakeview Estates POA
PO Box 984
Foley, AL 36536

Rikard, Frank

Frank Rikard




9340 Clubhouse Dr.




Ph;  251-955-2552