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Board of Directors for 2014-2015
Lakeview Estates Board meets each month on Second Monday at 9:00 am.










Dayton, D

Gardner, DeAnn

Bacher, Ann
Solomon, Ed

Dick Dayton

DeAnn Gardner

Ann Bacher
Ed Solomon

9515 Lakeview Dr.

9219 Lakeview Dr.

9250 Clubhouse Dr.
9230 Lakeview Drive

Phone:  330-612-4153

Phone:  955-2588

Phone:  955-1481
Phone:  955-1999





ARC Chairman



Rikard, Frank

Please mail your annual dues to the address below  The amount due for 2013/2014 was $90.  Due on May 1st and after May 31st there will be a $10 per month late charge.  Make check payable to:
Lakeview Estates POA


Frank Rikard

9340 Clubhouse Dr.

Phone:  955-2552



Any questions please conact the Treasurer Ed Solomon




Mailing address:




Lakeview Estates POA


PO Box 984


Foley, AL 36536